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What is a table saw and it’s characteristics?

What is a table saw and it’s characteristics?

The table saw is a machine that somehow allows you to make cuts of wood. It is a saw a large saw and stationary circular installed under a table. Thanks to new technology, the blade can be adjusted in height to distance from the table.

By this action, it is easier to cut out a good number of wooden parts such as planks, trays or other … and this, only by sliding along this top with hands or by the pushers.

Like all other saws, there are many models you can choose from. Thus, each model has its own capacity, performance, power and of course, its accessories. So, it is the model you chose that you could cut your wood.

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Moreover, the table saw can be structured in two, so there is the mobile table saw and the fixed table saw, which is used especially in the workshops.

Characteristics of the table saw

In general, the table saw is installed under the table, so it is able to split the wood panels. It may even be able to cut metals, but it will depend on the types of metals you are going to use.

Table: There are two table characteristics, the cast iron table, and the aluminum table. The size of the saw is according to the model because the dimensions for small models are between 60 x 30 cm.

Blade: the size of the blade is variable because its diameter can be between 200 and 400mm accompanied by steel teeth. Depending on the type of material and the height of the material to be cut, you can choose the blade according to its use. According to the standards, the blade must be surrounded by a protective cover which acts as a protector.

Power: for you to work well, it is obvious that you will need power. The power of table saws ranges from about 1k to 4k Watts. In addition, the device can be in mono or three-phase mode. The machine can be adapted to your needs.

Weight: like the other characteristics, the weight can also be variable, but must also be proportional to the power, as well as to the different structural materials of your table.