Keys To A Healthy Relationship

Keys To A Healthy Relationship

To truly love means to know, recognize and assume that we have flaws and qualities just like our partner.

That our habits can be uncomfortable, that life is not always rosy and that we do not live a fairy tale, where princes and princesses love each other without the shadow of a cloud throughout their lives.

No, true love is something that goes beyond that. True and genuine love is a love that transcends differences, that gives us the strength to be tolerant of the small details of life that can hinder us, and that opens doors for us to trust.

No person can not say that they love someone, as long as they don’t know their demons, their anger, and their contradictions.

You have to truly love to understand that in a relationship, everything is not always beautiful. There can be severe storms, even devastating hurricanes.

In short, love is lived by taking care of the details, solving puzzles and making a constant round trip between passion and disillusionment.

If we want to know the deep value of true love, we will discover a world of lasting feelings, that do not throw themselves in the trash at the least difficulty.

It is natural and normal not to love everything in our partner. However, these differences are the beauty of things because they make love more complete.

If we only love someone who pleases us or his idealized image, the tenderness we feel for him will not last forever.

Do not forget that we are beings both filled with light, but also with shadow.

A healthy and lasting relationship is not based on a game of power, or on setting conditions. It is based more on common, balanced and healthy goals. We must completely get rid of the idea that the notion of love is intimately linked to that of sacrifice.

Some things should not be tolerated in a relationship, such as abuse, emotional manipulation, abuse or violation of our values.

All of these behaviors are rooted in a lack of respect and love. We must immediately reject them, and not allow them to cross the limits of our emotions.

To build love, it is necessary to form a team and establish the rules of the game. Before entering the field, we must know that communication, sincere and empathetic listening, freedom of speech and lack of pretension are fundamental elements that must allow us to get straight to the point.