5 Reasons to travel to Ukraine

5 Reasons to travel to Ukraine

Ukraine is the great unknown of Europe, that destination that I assure you will fall in love when you meet it, but because of prejudices and isolated news, you do not have in your bucket list.
The Slavic country has much to offer the visitor and here we are going to give you the top things to know.


Ukrainian women

The Ukrainians are lovely people, hospitable, peaceful, smiling and kind. Young people speak English very well and help you with whatever you need. The women are especially well known. Men’s dating bloggers commonly write about how to seduce the local girls.

In fact, without saying anything, a girl helped me ask in a cafeteria translating what the cashier told me and another when she saw me taking pictures in the Kiev subway. I will forever love Ukrainian women.

In the markets, bargaining is used and with gestures and smiles, no knowledge of Ukrainian is necessary. The people are very friendly and value good relationships.

Ukrainian food

ukraine foodUkrainian food is delicious and varied, made with first quality raw materials, made without additives and very tasty.

They are typical Ukrainian dishes, Borsch, Hot beet soup; Varenyky, stuffed pasta in the form of dumplings ( like the Polish pierogi ), there are salty and sweet with cheese or sour cherries that are very good, and you can eat them both at breakfast, lunch or dinner; the famous Chicken Kiev and sausages among others.

Kiev Market

To emphasize also the bread, of very different types, black bread, of seeds, of cereals, white, without gluten … with flours of very good quality.

Ukraine is known as the granary of Europe, for its large amount of agricultural products (and Stalin’s granary, since it confiscated all the grain, starving millions of Ukrainians, this genocide is known as Holodomor )

And the cakes! Oh the pies! I would have to dedicate a whole chapter to them!
The Ukrainian cakes are homemade, delicious and very cheap, for less than € 1 you have a coffee or a juice and a good piece of cake.

Heritage and landscapes

Ukraine has a multitude of World Heritage sites , including the Cathedral of St. Sofia in Kiev, with frescoes and mosaics from the 11th century and the Cave Monastery “Kyevo-Pecherska Lavra”, also in Kiev, a sacred place for all the Orthodox Slavs and whose caves are catacombs where the remains of the saints rest.

Monastery of Lavra

The beautiful historical center of Lviv, the wooden churches of the Carpathian region and the ancient Greek colony of Chersonese in Crimea, among others, are also World Heritage Sites.

Historical center of Lviv

And a long list of proposed places for your declaration, such as the historical center of Odessa, the Sudak fortress and the Bakhchisaray Palace of the Crimean kings, in addition to many Kiev churches.
If you are a lover of landscapes, winter sports, and hiking, the Carpathians is your ideal place in Ukraine. There you will find beautiful valleys and slopes from where to contemplate the imposing mountains; green and dense forests, small towns and a lot of folklore.

Low cost living

Ukraine is a very cheap country for the traveler from Western Europe.
The salary of a worker is around 150-200 €, with which food and transportation are very cheap. A trip in the Kiev Metro is 4 grivnas – about € 0.15.

And it is possible and very usual to dine for 2-3 €, in a bar or in a Café, (a good plate of meat with vegetables or pasta) in a pleasant and comfortable place, (sitting, no food on the street or for bring) with drink included!

The local beer is very good and cheap and the vodka too, you can buy a bottle of 075 l for 1 €.
Gasoline is also very cheap, so renting a car is a good option, although not understanding the road signs can make the route a bit more difficult.

The hotels of international chains have the same prices as in the rest of Europe since there are very good 4 and 5 *, but there are many options of local hotels very affordable, you can find them in Booking without any problem.

The beauty of the unexpected

Ukraine is not a very touristy country and that makes it even more beautiful in the eyes of the traveler.
Stroll, stroll and discover, let yourself go, soak up the local culture, understand and make yourself understood. See places for the first time, break prejudices, mix with locals, open your mind and your heart and return full of sensations and experiences that you did not expect to find.

My first trip to Ukraine influenced me a lot, I saw Lviv, Odesa, and Crimea and they were great. I got to know the treasures of Kiev, which are so many! It is one of the most beautiful and unknown cities in Europe. I would highly recommend that you go!

Do All Dogs Know How To Swim?

Do All Dogs Know How To Swim?

The summer season begins and we love going to beaches, lakes, rivers, and swamps with our pets to take a dip. But, are you sure your dog knows how to swim? Are you one of those who think that can all dogs swim instinctively?

Contrary to what many people believe not all dogs know how to swim. It is one of many false myths about dogs. Everyone has the instinct to move the legs to avoid sinking, but the swimming capacity of some races is very limited.

Some dogs love water, but others find it harder. If they want to swim and check if they can swim, do not force or push. Invite him to come to the water with games, retrieve a ball, follow you, follow another dog. Always in a friendly and fun way.

There are dogs that especially enjoy the water. They are dogs that know how to swim instinctively, water dogs in any of their varieties Newfoundland, Golden, Labradors, Poodles.

On the other hand, some breeds of dogs have serious difficulties in the water, the flat dogs like Bulldog, Carlino, the French Bulldog, the English Bulldog, Shi Tzu, Boxer and the woolly bobtail type, since they take a lot of extra weight with water.

Neither fine dogs whose limbs are made to run, like Greyhounds and Hounds. In these cases, although they tend to try to swim, they do not always manage to stay afloat.

Not all dogs know how to swim, nor can all dogs do it with the same skill and/or safety in little-complicated circumstances.

As always it will depend on the individual, their experiences and their way of life, but if we talk about “water dogs”, we can assume without fear of being too wrong that Newfoundland, Golden Retriever, and Labrador Retriever. They are the three kings of the aquatic environment and for the same reasons, the most used in water rescue.


Even with dogs that can swim, we should be very careful if there are currents, obstacles or any situation that does not allow quick and easy access to the shore. Pools are equally dangerous if there is no ladder, but even so, we should show the dog the way out so that it is perfectly localized and generalized wherever it is in the pool.

Have you seen the fenced pools to prevent children from entering? For dogs should be exactly the same, and never leave them unsupervised, even if it is the races that swim.

If we comply with the minimum precautions, swimming becomes the best way to exercise, especially in older dogs or with joint problems. Dogs gain muscle mass easily by swimming, and that is synonymous with joint health.

Must Pack Camping Gear

Must Pack Camping Gear

Checklist to go camping

– Lightweight clothing that dries quickly and is kept in a waterproof bag

– Underwear

– Bathrobe

– Sweater, raincoat, and windbreaker

– Rain boots and hiking boots

Camping equipment

– Tent with poles, pickets, and sardines.

– Floor mats

– Rope, string, and hammer

– Rechargeable lamps (or spare batteries)

– Inflatable mattresses and appropriate pump, duvets or sheets and pillows

– Extension cord and socket

– Gas stove and refill

– Matches or lighters

– Plastic tableware, cutlery, pots, and pans, basin

– chairs and table

– Cooler

– Corkscrew, can opener and bottle opener

– Sponges, detergent, dishcloths, aluminum foil

– Clothespins and clotheslines

– Scissors

– Garbage bags so you can practice a proper garbage disposal

-Some kind of cutting tool, like a tactical knife

Paper towels at the campsite

– Passport, CI, life insurance, driving license

Health at the campsite

– Hygiene products

– Towels

– Toilet paper

– Earplugs

– Sunscreen and after sun

– Mosquito spray

How to pack

So now that you know what you need to pack for your camping trip it’s time to put it all together.

We recommend that you get a good backpack to store all your gear in.

If it’s waterproof that is even better.

Why You Should Install A Garbage Disposal In Your Kitchen

Why You Should Install A Garbage Disposal In Your Kitchen

Decorators, architects, and contractors say their customers demand comfortable, practical kitchens that are easy to clean and maintain. Of all the rooms of the home, in the kitchen, is the one that most people notice a good cleaning.

A garbage disposer (see here www.bestgarbagedisposalreviews.net)  is a small appliance that is placed under the sink, in order to easily dispose of waste after each meal instead of filling bags and trash bags.

Shreds and liquefies waste into tiny particles that can be safely removed through the pipeline, leaving your kitchen clean of litter.


It reduces the cost of handling the waste and facilitates its treatment to waste managers. The density and moisture content of the remaining garbage is reduced, thereby eliminating bad smell that could attract insects and rodents.

By disposing of kitchen waste through the drainage system, more economic and functional advantages are achieved, however, we are moving the problem of urban waste from the landfills to the treatment plants, some of which are old or saturated, so their use is prohibited in some cities.

How do you install a disposal?

Whether your kitchen can be traditional or modern, large or small, there is a shredder for your kitchen. You will be surprised how simple and economical it is to install a shredder. All you need are four quick installation steps. It is the perfect complement to your kitchen, or easily adapts to your existing space under the sink.

Each unit includes complete instructions that explain everything steps by step in order to guide the plumber or installer during the installation procedure.

These appliances consist of a frame that replaces the valve making the connection to your sink easier and faster. The crushers are very compact devices so they occupy very little space under the sink. The installation of a disposal is very simple being performed in a minimum time and with the least effort.

You will only need a few measures of flexible PVC of pvc and a little of sealer to be able to join the connections. The rest of the material will come in the box (connections for dishwasher and overflow, lock washers and screws, Air switch air switch and replacement valve)

Advice for use

There are a number of tips that DO need to be considered for the crusher to function properly. We must use cold water because if hot water is used, the grease tends to remain stuck to the pipes, instead of coming down with the water flow. This prevents the crushing of materials such as vegetables, fish, egg shells, fruit waste, bones and shells in general.

Remember, to use it with plenty of cold water. Do not even hesitate to crush ice from time to time, to keep parts clean and allow them to rotate freely.

Similarly, there are certain things we should NOT do. Do not turn off the crusher until you have finished crushing all the waste, do not crush very fibrous waste such as celery, corn cob leaves, etc … Since this type of waste tends to form obstructions of hard fibers that interfere with crushing components and above all, you never have to crush shells of clams or oysters, glass, metal, fabrics, pour strong chemicals, or hot oil.

Never crush with hot water. This prevents proper engine cooling and causes loss of warranty.


What is a table saw and it’s characteristics?

What is a table saw and it’s characteristics?

The table saw is a machine that somehow allows you to make cuts of wood. It is a saw a large saw and stationary circular installed under a table. Thanks to new technology, the blade can be adjusted in height to distance from the table.

By this action, it is easier to cut out a good number of wooden parts such as planks, trays or other … and this, only by sliding along this top with hands or by the pushers.

Like all other saws, there are many models you can choose from. Thus, each model has its own capacity, performance, power and of course, its accessories. So, it is the model you chose that you could cut your wood.

old saw

Moreover, the table saw can be structured in two, so there is the mobile table saw and the fixed table saw, which is used especially in the workshops.

Characteristics of the table saw

In general, the table saw is installed under the table, so it is able to split the wood panels. It may even be able to cut metals, but it will depend on the types of metals you are going to use.

Table: There are two table characteristics, the cast iron table, and the aluminum table. The size of the saw is according to the model because the dimensions for small models are between 60 x 30 cm.

Blade: the size of the blade is variable because its diameter can be between 200 and 400mm accompanied by steel teeth. Depending on the type of material and the height of the material to be cut, you can choose the blade according to its use. According to the standards, the blade must be surrounded by a protective cover which acts as a protector.

Power: for you to work well, it is obvious that you will need power. The power of table saws ranges from about 1k to 4k Watts. In addition, the device can be in mono or three-phase mode. The machine can be adapted to your needs.

Weight: like the other characteristics, the weight can also be variable, but must also be proportional to the power, as well as to the different structural materials of your table.



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